A number of constituents have been in touch with me about how I would vote if the Supreme Court deem that Members of Parliament must decide whether Article 50 should be triggered.

As you may be aware, I campaigned for Britain to Leave the EU in the referendum. If a vote on triggering Article 50 is necessary then I would expect all MPs, whichever view they took in the referendum campaign to support this. I am greatly encouraged that almost all my Conservative colleagues have made clear that they will do this as have a number of Labour MPs.

I remain strongly of the view that this country will prosper as an independent state outside the EU.I do not underestimate the complexity of negotiating our withdrawal and reaching new arrangements with the EU. It was for this reason that I stood for election to the new Select Committee on Exiting the European Union and am pleased now to be a member.

However, I strongly welcome the Prime Minister’s declaration that the decision is taken and that Britain will leave the EU. I can confirm that in the event of a vote in Parliament to authorise the Government to invoke Article 50, I will support this unconditionally.