A number of constituents have been in touch with me about the recent judgement by the Supreme Court on Article 50.

As you may be aware, I campaigned for Britain to Leave the EU in the referendum. The Supreme Court reached a judgement which the Government disagrees with.  It will not, however affect our determination to enact the clear will of the British People that we leave the European Union.

I expect all MPs, whichever view they took in the referendum campaign to support the Bill which will permit the Government to move forward. I am greatly encouraged that almost all my Conservative colleagues have made clear that they will do this as have a number of Labour MPs.

I remain strongly of the view that this country will prosper as an independent state outside the EU. I do not underestimate the complexity of negotiating our withdrawal and reaching new arrangements with the EU. It was for this reason that I stood for election to the new Select Committee on Exiting the European Union and am pleased now to be a member. However, I strongly welcome the Prime Minister’s declaration that the decision is taken and that Britain will leave the EU.