The Commonwealth Fund, a respected healthcare think-tank which works to improve access to healthcare around the world rated the NHS as the best healthcare system in the world, in an authoritative, comparative study of healthcare systems in developed economies. Whilst there is no room for complacency, I am encouraged that the NHS is performing well, despite many years of difficult financial circumstances.

Despite tight public finances, the Government has actively supported the NHS's own plan for the future. That is why it is increasing NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. This will ensure that by the end of this Parliament, everyone will be able to access GP services at evenings and weekends. At the recent Budget, additional capital funding was announced to support the NHS, with £325 million for local improvement plans and £100 million to improve A&E services.

In recognition of the pressures facing social care in local areas, the Chancellor has announced a package of measures in the recent budget which go even further to help the health and care system. Local Authorities in England will receive an additional £2 billion for social care over the next three years. This will help to ease pressures on the NHS by supporting more people to be discharged from hospital and into care as soon as they are ready.

Following are some figures about how our NHS is performing.  I know that simple statistics do not always tell a full story but it certainly shows that local people are being well served by our healthcare despite increasing demand.

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust


•              4,782 more people seen in less than 4 hrs in 2016/17 compared to 2009/10.

•              In the year to date, 85.9% of people coming to A&E were seen within 4 hours.

•              In Sep-17 the figure was 90.5%


•              There are now 128 more hospital doctors than 2010

•              There are now 223 more nurses than 2010 


                                2009/10                 2016/17                 Difference

Operations           63,200                   72,235                   9,035

Diagnostic tests    73,587                   119,466                 45,879



•              The overall CQC rating for Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust was Good (Dec-16)  

•              By May 2017, 89% of General Practices (which had been rated by CQC) in the NHS Mid Essex CCG area were rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies - NHS Mid Essex CCG

•              95% of people referred to the IAPT programme are seen within 6 weeks (target 75%) compared with 88.8% nationally

•              99% of people are seen within 18 weeks (target 95%) compared with 99.0% nationally

Mid and South Essex STP Footprint

•              This year’s funding is £1.9 billion

•              Between 2015/16 and 2020/21, funding is expected to rise on current plans by £331.7 million – a cash increase of 19%  

NHS Mid Essex CCG

•              In 2017/18 received £451.7 million - a cash increase of 2.52% on the previous year

•              In 2018/19 will receive £462.8 million - a cash increase of 2.45%


I believe fully in the NHS and its values, and I would like to assure all of my constituents that the Government is committed to a tax-funded NHS, free at the point of use, wherever and whenever you need it. As Ministers plan a new relationship with the EU, I know they will continue to ensure that the NHS is given the priority it deserves.