John Whittingdale had a meeting with Chief Inspector Gerry Parker, the new Police Divisional Commander for Chelmsford and Maldon.


John said:


“I was very pleased to meet Chief Inspector Parker, the new Divisional commander and was encouraged to hear of his determination to step up pro-active policing across the Division. We are fortunate that the overall crime rate in the district is still the lowest in Essex and it remains a safe place to live. However, I am concerned that there is a perception that crime is rising and that there are not enough police available. This has been increased by recent break-ins that have occurred in Maldon High Street and the increasing incidence of drug-related crime, often fuelled by gangs. It is good news that an additional 6 front-line police officers are being deployed in the District to strengthen coverage of the rural areas.  I also welcome Chief Inspector Parker’s intention to work more closely with local schools, as well as publicans and community groups, and to make more information available through facebook and social media: